Adventures in Gender Nonconformity


I work, I blog, I tweet, I love. I answer to lots of names and genders, but prefer “Max” and “he”.

You can find me on twitter as @enterblisstonia or email me directly at gendernos at gmail dot com.


4 Responses to Adventures in Gender Nonconformity

  1. Oliver says:

    Fauxhawks for the win.

  2. Meh.. gender is overrated.. regardless of your chromosomal make-up, you are a beautiful, smart individual. NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise.. X

  3. nobodygirl says:

    You are an amazing writer and possibly the hottest person I have ever seen. Delurking to demand more of both writing and photos. Big eyes, cute corduroys…

  4. thewaterisfine says:

    Discovered your blog via #occupydenver. Just want to thank you for your honesty and sharing. Just coming out of fundamentalism as a lesbian has been insanely hard–can’t imagine throwing the gender dysphoria on top of that. Cheers to how far you’ve come!

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